Look After Your Facial Hair with Men's Beard Balm

Or look at our relaxing massage oil collection

Relaxation and luxury products aren't just for ladies and we include the guys by making all-natural skin care for them as well. Scotch Whiskey Beard Balm is a favorite for conditioning and taming the beard, Mahogany Beard Oil is an excellent choice for moisturizing the beard and skin underneath. No beard? No problem! Tobacco Bay Shave and Body Soap smells ah-mazing and offers a lathery, slick formula for shaving and showering. Oatmeal and Scotch Whiskey Hand and Body Lotion are a great way to round out soothing skin care for the men.

Men's personal care products have become more prevalent in the last few years.

I wanted to offer men the same benefit from all natural products with attractive fragrances

  • Beard Oil: Lightweight conditioning for all types of beards while gently nourishing the skin beneath.
  • Beard Balm: Beard conditioning in a solid form, and aids with taming and styling.
  • Shave and Body Soap: A perfect blend of lather and slickness that makes shaving effortless and doubles as a body soap.